American Horror Story: Coven – Best yet?

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Women are on top in this season of American Horror Story, and I have been dragged in headfirst by its spellbinding premise.

Every episode keeps getting better and better. I will warn you though, this is no Charmed.

Zoe loved her boyfriend, honest.

Zoe loved her boyfriend, honest.

The beauty of this show is it doesn’t gloss over the horror, it embraces it and aims to shock. These witches cover all bases: they aren’t all beautiful, young, slim (and somewhat undressed). They are a mixture of all races, all sizes and all abilities. Some have powers we’d all love to wield, others have powers that are more akin to a curse.

The show takes horror head-on tackling issues of gender and race. It takes a graphic and unapologetic look at themes of rape, slavery, incest and torture.

Heartwarming stuff, no?

American Horror Story veteran, Jessica Lange, yet again steals the show as the dreadfully brilliant queen witch, or bitch if you prefer. With the usual suspects of former AHS: Taissa Farmiga, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe providing first rate performances yet again. As well as some outstanding newcomers to the franchise: Kathy Bates, Emma Roberts and Angela Bassett.

If you haven’t tuned in yet, and my recommendation hasn’t yet tickled your taste buds for some frightening female fronted terror, here is a video:

So, do you agree? Is this season the best so far? Vote Now…



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