Female Fronted Horror Books Heading to Screens in 2013

Dark fantasy novels have long been a medium where females flourish. With books like True Blood hitting small screens and receiving emense popularity with both men and women alike, more and more women lead supernatural stories are making the transition from book to film.

Hitting both big and small screens next year are two horror-novels… Now, I am not going to pretend like I have read either of the books they are based on.

Kelley Armstrong‘s first novel in her Women of the Underworld series, Bitten, is being transformed into a TV mini-series courtesy of Canadian network Space and  SyFy.

Bitten has been sitting in my bookshelf for many years, and sadly I just haven’t got around to taking the time to read it. It’s sat in between a very comprehensive array of female-driven horror novels, I am Legend and two tattered copies of The Bell Jar.

I will, however, be picking up the novel before the tv show hits screens so I can write a comprehensive review of whether the show does the novel justice – let’s hope it does! In the mean time, have a look at the trailer:

Bitten will hit your idiot boxes early next year…

Next up is the film adaptation of young adult paranormal romance series, Vampire Academy. Again, I haven’t read the series (do you have any idea how many paranormal romance series’ there are in the world?!) BUT I am incredibly excited about this. Why? Because the writer is none other than Daniel Waters, who penned the brilliant ’89 black comedy, Heathers, plus it is directed by Dan’s brother and  Mean Girls director, Mark Waters. If my novel was going to be adapted by anyone other than myself I would hope it would be these two.

Check out the trailer, and get as excited as I am!

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One response to “Female Fronted Horror Books Heading to Screens in 2013

  1. I am so excited for all of these things!!

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